Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Buyer's Guide
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  We review, analyze and compare the best water filters in the industry including reverse osmosis systems, faucet filters, water distillers, pitcher filters, whole house filters, water softeners, shower filters, bottled waters and more.

Who Drinks Reverse Osmosis Water?


Reverse osmosis produces ultra-pure, healthy water that millions of people around the world drink and enjoy on a daily basis. It has been the drinking water of choice for many countries, government agencies, cities, businesses, and homeowners for over 40 years. Reverse osmosis water purification facilities can be found on every continent producing much needed purified water for a thirsty planet. Many soda, beverage, and food manufacturing companies also use reverse osmosis water to refine and ensure the highest quality and taste of their products. It is used everywhere- where water taste, purity and safety is important.

Who drinks reverse osmosis water? We all do!

US ARMED FORCES -Annual RO Competition

GOOGLE -Corporate Campus uses RO system as part of Green Initiative

INTEL -Corp Campus RO Helps Conserve 5.2 Million Gallons of Water a Day!

UC DAVIS - Campus RO Water Offers Low Cost, Convenience & is Ecofriendly

ORANGE COUNTY, CA - 100% Commited to Reverse Osmosis Water

BEVERLY HILLS - RO Plant Treats 3.5 million Gallons of Water a Day

MADISON, MN - Reverse Osmosis Treats Well Water for Small Town of 1,900

OTTAWA, IL - Chooses RO Water Treatment to Remove Radium, Hardness & TDS

AQUAFINA - Bottled Water purified by Reverse Osmosis (Pepsi Company)

DASANI - Water Bottling Process Tour (Coca-Cola Company)

NESTLE - Pure Life Bottled Water uses Reverse Osmosis Filtration Process